Merchandise Preparation

Adding Items:

  • Lay the item out on a clean, neutral background with no distractions. A flat white bed sheet or a white posterboard works great!
  • Make sure you take photos in a well-lit area with no shadows!
  • Add additional description - NWT, only worn once, all pieces included, any minor imperfections (better descriptions lead to shopper confidence!)
  • If you have a name brand, designer, or boutique clothing, please list the brand in the description, as many shoppers search by brand!
  • Upload up to 5 photos of your items, select your "feature" photo and show multiple sides/angles and/or close-ups of the item
  • Be sure to show in a photo if there are any minor imperfections
  • Rotate your photo if needed
  • No stock photos allowed for the featured photo.
  • Price your items right. What would you pay for the item? Also, allow your items to be discounted on the last day(s) of the sale.

Kid's Closet merchandise prep example
Kid's Closet merchandise prep example


  • All clothing should be laundered and free of stains & missing buttons. Zippers should be in working order.
  • Lay item(s) on a clean, neutral background and flatten the clothing so there are no shadows
  • Wrinkle-free items will be more appealing and thus bring more money!
  • Consider making outfits or even bundles of the same size and gender.
  • Consider styling your item to make your item more appealing
  • If adding jeans/pants, please indicate whether the pants are "Slim, Husky, Regular". You might even consider taking a picture of the label.


  • Shoes should be clean, with no scuff marks on the shoes. Take a photo of the soles of the shoes so shoppers can see the wear.
  • Take a photo of the soles of the shoes so shoppers can see the wear.
  • Show multiple angles of the shoes since the buyer cannot touch and feel these items
  • Indicate if the shoe is a 1/2 size. For example, if the item is a size 7.5, indicate that in the description. Our sizes in the drop-down menu only show full sizes.

Kid's Closet merchandise prep example
Kid's Closet merchandise prep example


  • Electronic toys must be in working condition and have working batteries included.
  • Toys with multiple parts should have all pieces included unless specified in the description.
  • The feature photo should show a complete photo with all pieces.
  • Remaining photos can show details and individual pieces.
  • Include product information or the owner's manual if applicable.

Baby/Child Equipment

  • Equipment should be clean, free from dirt, and in working order.
  • Make sure to take photos of all angles, including the wheels if applicable. For car seats, take a picture of the label.
  • Include the owner’s manual when applicable.

Kid's Closet merchandise prep example
Kid's Closet merchandise prep example

Books, Puzzles & Games:

  • Consider grouping several books together according to age/type
  • Games & Puzzles should include all pieces.


Pricing Your Items:

  • Based on condition, price items about 1/3 to 1/4 of the original price you paid. Rule of thumb: "What would you pay for this item at a KCC Online sale?"
  • Items that are clean, ironed, and look nice in the photo will bring more money.
  • Allow your items to be sold on our discount days (most of our sales have 25% off and 50% off days).
  • Remember, the minimum price for online selling is $3.00.

Kid's Closet merchandise prep example

Preparing SOLD items for Drop off:

  • You will only drop off the items that you have sold online
  • Print SOLD tags by going into "View Sold Items" from your Control Panel. Then click “View Details”. You will print all tags for the items that have sold, by selecting the items you have sold and clicking "Print Tags for New Items".
  • Clothing - Please have clothing folded with the sold tag attached to the garment, where it will not damage the garment. For baby and infant wear, place it in a clear Ziploc type bag with the tag attached to the outside.
  • Shoes - Please have shoes tied together with yarn or ribbon and the tag securely attached using a hole punch.
  • Equipment and Furniture - If there is any hardware that belongs with an item, please make sure that is in a Zip Loc bag and attached securely to the item.
  • Toys/Games - Make sure you have all pieces, and they are secure in a bag with the tag attached to the outside where it is easily accessible.
  • Books - If you sell a book lot, make sure books are bagged together or ribboned together, and the tag is attached to the item.
  • Blankets/Bedding - Please place blankets and bedding in a large clear trash bag, if possible. Make sure the tag is attached securely.
  • Accessories - Any smaller items such as jewelry/socks/underwear etc., please place in Ziploc bag and securely tape the tag on the outside.